Hand made, English Hardwood Coffee Tables

Hand made Coffee tables in English hardwoods



 Artisan: a
 worker who is
 skilled at making

 Craftsman: a
 skilled man, esp.
 one who makes
 beautiful things
 by hand.

All coffee tables and other furniture are hand made in interesting English hardwoods to your requirements. These are individual designs, not run-of-the mill. I do not use veneers, chipboard or MDF - only solid English hardwood.
See choice of timber.

A hand made Coffee table in English hardwood is something different, something beautiful, something special, something unique.

A hand made English hardwood coffee table could, one day, be a family heirloom that you pass on to your children.

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I have been making hardwood coffee tables and other furniture at my workshop for 23 years, with most of that time making tables.

Hand made, English hardwood coffee tables bring out the many opportunities for flowing forms and lines, working with the inherent art within the wood. These form wonderful opportunity for beautiful examples of God's artistry in the figure of the timbers of our native shores.

The most important thing for me is that in English hardwood coffee tables there should always be an ongoing and motivating force of intrigue, to see how each piece will actually stand on completion.

My work is not limited only to English hardwood coffee tables. Commissions for hand made Benches, Dressers, Desks and interesting Doors are all welcome.

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All items are individual and designed to your requirements.
Please telephone Richard Richardson on 01452 - 814 034
.:.  The Carpenter's Workshop, Prinknash Abbey, Cranham, Gloucester  GL4 8EX  .:.

Richard Richardson, craftsman maker of tables, doors, cupboards, dressers etc.