Technical Writers and Training Resources

Professional Technical Writers provide industry with first-class manuals for their products, for their training courses, and so on. We also create online Help Guides to go with their excellent software. Technical Writers UK have the knack, the skill, the ability to turn complex subjects into much easier English, so that the non-technical users can understand what to do.

How many times have you read instructions for something and given up  on it? Dreadful English, far too technical, and muddled thinking.

Without wishing to appear boastful, my online Help Guides help to keep industry running.

My Help Guides are on every oil tanker in the BP Shipping oil fleet. They're on dozens of software packages installed across thousands of end-user sites. My Manuals help all kinds of businesses, from small to huge global corporates. And I trained hundreds of people across eleven countries in my Technical Author Training Writing Courses UK.

How would we work together? Good technical authors UK help you to explain your products or services to your customers. Fortunately, I have a good education: I studied Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering at four Universities to Masters level, so my scientific knowledge and technical skills are excellent.

I have also been interested in scientific developments over the years, so it is rare indeed when I have to turn a job down because it's outside my field of knowledge. I have documented cardiac research; the latest high-tech astronomical telescopes; lawn care franchise business operation; forensic investigation software; materials handling equipment; and so on.

So click a technical author services link and see what might be helpful to you.

I also run a few web sites for people. 

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